Vintage Wheel Catalogs

Appliance 1972
International Mags 1973
Keystone 1974
Appliance 1975a
Western 1977
Radir 2007

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Vintage Wheel Catalogs

Documenting and preserving the history of Vintage Wheel Catalogs.

Below you will find over 850 wheel catalogs from the past, and over 175 wheel related catalogs. While I do not print every page, upon request, I will assist in helping you aquire any information from my Catalogs. Scanning/copying etc. that you are looking for.

Wanting to sell your wheel catalogs? Please contact me through justwheels -at- nwlink -dot- com


And again, If you need any information out of any of my wheel catalogs, Pics, Part #’s, Sizes, Prices, Etc. Etc. Don’t hesitate to ask.
I will do the best I can to help you.

Thank You, Mr. Mike