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Vintage Wheel Catalogs

Documenting and preserving the history of Vintage Wheel Catalogs.

Below you will find over 900 wheel catalogs from the past, and over 200 wheel related catalogs. While I do not print every page, upon request, I will assist in helping you aquire any information from my Catalogs. Part #s/Pics/copying, etc. that you are looking for.

Interested in selling your wheel catalogs? Please contact me through justwheels -at- nwlink -dot- com


Welcome to Vintage Wheel Catalogs. A website dedicated to preserving the history surrounding Vintage Wheel Catalogs.

In the early 90’s, I was given my very first wheel catalog. It was a 1969 Fenton wheel catalog. Which I still have today. Opening the catalog, I read every page, looking at every wheel. Looking back now, this was the essential start of my wheel catalog collection.

At the time, I never considered wheel catalogs collectible or worth anything. I was merely interested in the catalog and the information it held. They had the dates, the names of the wheels, locations, part #’s and so on.

Back in the day I was getting my wheel catalogs through friends who worked in the industry and at your local swap meet. I don’t think I ever paid more then $5.00 for a catalog. ( Oh, how times change) Some of the early catalogs now sell for hundreds of dollars. very collectible and sought after.

After many years of collecting wheel catalogs, I decided to start a website, devoted solely to wheel catalogs. The website was designed to be as user friendly as possible and is a work in progress. Any questions, please enquire within.

Below you will find some routinely asked questions about my website.

Do you buy wheel catalogs? I do, I am always looking for wheel catalogs I don’t have. If you have a wheel catalog that is not on my website, I am interested in it.

Do you trade wheel catalogs? Yes, I trade wheel catalogs with collectors all over the country. This is how I get the majority of my wheel catalogs.

Do you collect any thing else other than wheel catalogs? Yes, I do. I am always looking for old wheel posters.

What is the most popular page on your website? American Racing has always been #1, followed by Mickey Thompson #2, and Empi #3. I am constantly getting requests to buy these catalogs.

Can you help identify a wheel? Sure, please send me a pic and any details you know about the wheel and I will see if I can find it in any of my catalogs.

Why don’t you publish all the pages to your catalogs? Some of the catalogs do have their pages on my website, actually there is over 100 catalogs with their pages published on my website. Again, my website is a work in progress, for now though, the more searched for catalog pages are published.

Do you sell any of your wheel catalogs? I do, I sell my doubles! Which I usually have a stack of about 75. Please E-mail me what catalog you are looking for and I will see if I have it.

Are you interested in any old Speed Shop Catalogs? Sure. I have a few, Moon, Midwest, Bell, Honest Charley, Etc. not many though.

Any wheel catalogs your really searching for? Yes, Hollywood wheel catalogs. I am actually looking for anything on Hollywood wheels. Ads, Articles, catalogs, brochures, etc. There is a rumor about an article printed about Hollywood wheels in Hot Rod or Rod and Customs sometime between 1960-1965, but I have never been able to find it.

I am also looking for an old Hurst wheel can, They use to ship Hurst wheels in a can, would like to find one to use as a display piece.

And I am always looking for any Empi catalogs and literature that I am missing. Top dollar paid.

Thank You, Mr. Mike